Euro Stablecoin PAR Airdrop! MiMo announces 2.5 Million Euro already locked in Mimo vault

Mimo recently burst on the stablecoin scene, offering a Euro alternative to the USD-pegged stablecoins such as USDT, USDC etc. The decentralized stable token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and offers a “safe, simple and affordable way to borrow”.

The Mimo model caters to people who might want liquidity but do not necessarily want to separate themselves from their hard earned crypto assets.

Removing themselves from exposure might mean losing access to a lot of potential. Hence, Mimo allows crypto users to keep their exposure while getting access to a stable token algorithmically stabilized to the Euro: the Parallel token, PAR.

The concept is simple — visit the Mimo website, deposit your volatile crypto assets in a virtual vault, and borrow PAR against what you’ve put in the vault, which then becomes collateral.

According to a recent interview, the mystery CEO reveals that the MiMo vault already has 2.5 million euro locked in. Apparently the CEO and team are not divulging their identities until their official launch next month in March.

“We are raising the awareness of our protocol in typical crypto fashion, we are going to do the traditional airdrop,” MiMo CEO has announced.


Earn Free PAR Tokens by participating in the Mimo Airdrop campaign. In a community-driven move, MiMo will be taking care of the transaction fees! Just follow the steps and fill in the linked form below to be on your way to receiving PAR tokens!

1 — Follow @mimodefi

2 — Join their Telegram

3 — Retweet their airdrop tweet and tag 3 friends

4 — Share the retweet link and your Telegram account in this form below

For more details on Mimo and the PAR token, visit




I’m a BIT CHICK. Mostly. Blockchain or NetFlix. Take your pick. And yes, Music. Too

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I’m a BIT CHICK. Mostly. Blockchain or NetFlix. Take your pick. And yes, Music. Too

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